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The Secret to Achieving Crochet Hairstyles on Locs

Ya’ll remember that time I installed crochet Marley Twists over my locs and did a natural looking crochet twist out; but then failed miserably at Crochet Havana Twists?! Read: How to Install Crochet Marley Twists on Locs See Also: Crochet Havana Mambo Twist FAIL Well, during my last crochet attempt, as I was trying to strategically cornrow my locs down, I kept thinking “there should be some type of pre-braided hair net that I could just...

Is Natural Hair Acceptable in the Workplace? -

Is it Acceptable to Wear Natural Hair in the Workplace?

A few days ago, news/TV personality Angela Green, posted a video with her assistant, a 19-year old college student with voluminous blonde ringlets, and the video caused an epic uproar in the natural hair community (video below). The problem— Angela Green, the “seasoned professional” made it blatantly clear that her assistant needed to straighten her hair if she wanted to succeed in the news industry because that’s what “her bosses like”… Personally, I did the...

Close-Up of Fetty Wap Loc Extensions

Fetty Wap Loc Extensions: The Strength of Hair

Your hair holds energy that is powerful enough to change your life! I believe it and so does Trap King, Fetty Wap. I’m sure you’ve already seen that Fetty Wap “grew” locs overnight and how much drama it caused, but did you know his new locs also gave him a #1 single?! Fetty Wap Has Human Hair Loc Extensions In a recent interview with Hot97, Fetty Wap shared the secret to his fame: his loc extensions....

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Why Salons Charge More for Natural Hair?

“Its so expensive to get my natural hair done at a Salon!” This is a statement that I hear a lot about on social media. As a Natural Hair Stylist, Natural Hair Blogger, and Licensed Cosmetologist I have seen all sides of this statement and from a Professional standpoint I want to share a “behind the chair” explanation on the topic of “why salons charge more for natural hair”. Why Should I Pay for Something...

Woman with big chop - Why is natural hair considered masculine

Is Natural Hair Masculine?

“You’re going to look like a man!” This is one of the most common phrases you’ll hear when you declare that you’re going natural. I can relate to this reaction because many of my family members said this to me when I said I was going to do the big chop in 2008. Despite their criticism, I did the big chop and actually I felt more feminine and confident than ever before in my life....