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Updo Style Without Pins for Long Locs

This is a quick style for locs that does not use hair pins or hair ties and is tenderheaded friendly!

A Guide To Unlocking Moisture in Locs

The “Guide to Unlocking Moisture” shares the technical and real-life applications of how to moisturize your locs or Sisterlocks. By dispelling common myths and mistakes made in Loc’d Hair Care you will learn the foundations of building a healthy & moisturizing hair care regimen.

The Faux Locs Wig and Cultural Appropriation of Locs

The Real Cultural Appropriation of Locs

Discussing the cultural appropriation of locs and why the natural hair market is dominated by profited on by all races except those it markets towards.

Why the Natural Hair Community Does NOT Trust Stylists -

Why the Natural Hair Community Does NOT Trust Hair Stylists

The Top 5 reasons why the natural hair community does NOT trust Hair Stylists and lack-owned Hair Salons are failing— from the perspective of a Licensed Cosmetologist and Natural Hair Blogger.

Would you sell your locs for $4,000? -

Would You Sell Your Locs?

We live in a very instantaneous society— if you want long hair you can go to the store and buy a weave; similarly, if you want long locs, you can get faux locs. Pretty much anything you can think of, if you want it, you can order it online, but if it takes longer than 2 days to arrive at your doorstep it’s the end of the world. With that mindset, naturally, commodities in the...