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How to Make Your Retwist Last Longer -

What No One Tells You About Exercising With Locs

Want to know how to make your retwist last longer? These are tips that no one tells you about exercising with locs that will make your retwist last longer.
Seven Products for Retwisting Locs -

7 Products for Retwisting Locs

A list of seven products for retwisting locs that will not cause build up or flaking and a few of my favorite products that I use for retwisting locs.
Before and After results of Loc Repair -

3 Tips for Frizzy Hair Loc Repair at Home

One of my biggest issues with my locs was that I had mountains of loose hairs that were not apart of a loc. This really irritated me and actually made me really self-conscious. I...
Men's Styling 101 with Salih -

Men’s Loc Styling 101

The presentation by Salih of LocLov Salon was one of the 3 topics that I was really looking forward to at the Naturalista Hair Show because I knew it would be filled with valuable information—I...
End of NuGrowthChallenge -

The No Retwist #NuGrowthChallenge Is Over

The End. I am truly sad that the No Retwist #NuGrowthChallenge has come to an end; but I am very grateful for the experience and community that we have created! Over the last 8...