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foam for retwisting dreads

You Can Use Foam to Retwist Locs— True or False?

Are you looking for a product to retwist your locs that is lightweight and does not cause buildup? You may be able to use foam to retwist your locs but check this criteria to...
Ponytail Method Retwist Results

I Tried The Ponytail Method for Retwisting—Here’s What Happened…

Sharing the results of my first attempt using the Ponytail Method for retwisting. This method is ideal for thicker locs or to make your locs fuller.
Can You Switch Between Palm Rolling And Interlocking Without Causing Damage

Switching Between Palm Rolling & Interlocking Without Causing Damage

Analyzing the purpose of palm rolling and interlocking to help you determine if it is possible to switch between the two techniques without causing damage.

Palm Rolling vs. Interlocking: Which Is Best?

A detailed review of the differences between palm rolling vs interlocking maintenance techniques for locs; along with the advantages and disadvantages of each technique.
How to Make Your Retwist Last Longer -

What No One Tells You About Exercising With Locs

Want to know how to make your retwist last longer? These are tips that no one tells you about exercising with locs that will make your retwist last longer.