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On November 4th, I completed the installation of Loc Extensions on my Mother— using my husband’s locs. I know you’re probably looking confused and re-reading what I just wrote, but you read it right, I installed my husband’s locs on my mom.

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The technique is called “Loc Reattachment” and because I used naturally cultivated locs, they are “Transplanted Locs”. These terms might be new to you, so before you head over to Google, check out my recent article “FAQs About Loc Reattachment” for professional insight into the process. 

Now, that the formailities are out of the way, let’s get into how her journey began!

Transplant Loc Extensions Installation

The installation took us a total of about 10 hours, across 3 days, with around 75 locs. While installing her loc extensions, my husband was in the Salon with us watching his locs take on a new beginning. Between him and I, there were a lot of laughs because we fondly reflected on individual locs. It is astonishing how much of a story locs tell.

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Speaking of stories…Here’s a funny story— Almost everyday after I told my Mom that I could install the loc extensions on her head and that they would blend seamlessly, she sent me pictures that she Google’d of poorly installed loc extensions with the caption “they won’t look like this will they?” or “are you sure they’re going to look right?“. By the 1000th picture, all I could do was laugh because no matter what you tell some people, especially my Mom, the proof is in the pudding.

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I am sure you already know my love for c-shaped partings, from my “5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Locs” article, so of course that is how I made her parts. Once we were finished, I loved the way her locs looked full, even without retwisting, because of the partings.

Loc Extensions Updo -


Instant length with Loc Extensions -

Being that this is my Mom, you know the one I mentioned in my “No Retwist Challenge” who is the first to call me out when my locs start getting frizzy, she demanded a fresh retwist. So after a cleansing shampoo and moisturizing treatment, I retwisted her new locs and we created her first updo!

Simple Locs Updo -

I’m excited to see how her journey evolves because her natural hair still has to go through the phases of locking even though her ends are instantly loc’d. Please join me in welcoming my mom to the Loc’d Community and…

Share 1 thing you wish you knew in the beginning of your journey! 

Jocelyn Renee and Mom with Locs -

UPDATE: She cut out the locs and shared the reasons why and tips for “Before Getting Loc Extensions“.

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What a beautiful lady your Mom is!! I see where you get your good looks from!

[…] he cut his locs off before our first son was born. Then, I installed his locs on my Mom as transplant loc extensions. Crazy how things come full circle, […]

I just reattach. Y own locs will they come out how can they be wash

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