Top 5 Oils for Locs

When it comes to locs and hair care one of the most common questions is “what should I put on my hair and scalp for [insert concern]?”. Well, I’m glad you asked. Your hair products are just as important as the food you put into your body because they feed your hair. So, let’s talk about the top 5 oils for locs as they relate to hair and scalp treatments.

Top 5 Oils for Locs


Top 5 Oils for Locs

Oil for Dry Hair.

When you have dry locs, a Hot Oil Treatment is great way to help them retain moisture. When performing a hot oil treatment I absolutely love using the Lite Hair Oil by Nuade. This oil is packed with nutrients, smells great and leaves the hair feeling conditioned.

Oil for Hair Growth.

If your locs are thinning at the roots or if you’re experiencing hair loss, first it is important to identify the cause(s) of the thinning. After the thinning has been identified, if you’re looking for an oil to apply what will promote hair growth, I recommend the Mane Abundance Hair Growth OilNOT Jamaican black castor oil. From personal experience, I can attest to the effectiveness of the Mane Abundance oil AND the benefit of it not clogging the hair follicles like jamaican black castor oil.

Oil for Itchy Scalp.

If you’re experiencing itchy scalp, first it is important that you understand why your scalp may be itching (dryness, scalp condition, sweat, etc.) so that you know how to best treat it. After the cause has been identified, I prefer to use the Chill Noggin Oil. The ingredients in Chill Noggin oil are very effective at soothing the scalp and relieving itchiness. Also, consider incorporating more steam treatments into your regimen.

Oil for Dull Hair.

There are several factors that can contribute to dull locs; one of which is too much product buildup. After a thorough Detox Treatment on your locs, and to help prevent any additional buildup I recommend using the Mane Radiance Oil by Crown Elements. The Mane Radiance oil is light enough for everyday usage without causing buildup, and rich enough to keep the locs feeling nourished with an immaculate shine. I love using the Mane Radiance Oil because you see immediate results and the scalp can breathe.

Oil for a Normal Scalp.

When your locs are properly hydrated and healthy, it is important to maintain that state. One way to maintain healthy hair is by not suffocating it product, which is why I like using the Yaya Oil by Dr.Locs. The Yaya Oil is really lightweight and helps to maintain the fresh clean feeling of your locs and scalp!


What About Plant Oils?

I do understand that not everyone can use oils that are formulated by brands. Maybe you’re allergic to a specific ingredient, can’t afford it, or just prefer to make your own oils. I am a huge advocate for creating customized blends of botanical oils to specifically address hair and scalp care needs. However, not all plant oils and essential oils should be used on locs because of the potential product and lint buildup. Did you know lint is attracted to heavier oils?! If you’re interested in learning which specific oils benefit locs, you should grab the “Botanical Oils for Healthy Locs” guide!

Botanical Oils for Healthy Locs


In the comments, share which oils or blends you like using in your locs?

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Jocelyn Reneé

Jocelyn Reneé is a Licensed Cosmetologist, Loctician and Textured Hair Educator. She was born and raised in the Washington DC area and is a graduate of the Aveda Institute Cosmetology Science program. With over 14 years in the Hair Care Industry, from Salon Assistant to Natural Hair Blogger to Professional; Jocelyn is passionate about cultivating healthy hair.

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What’s the best hair dye to use to achieve a burgundy color on sandy brown hair without damaging locks?

You should go see a professional that specializes in color, and particularly on locs. Any at-home (box) hair color will cause damage to locs.

Hi Thank you sis for your shares you provide. I am 9 mos into my journey. What do you think about rice water? Should that be a method to use ie is the arsenic in it bad for my life, period. Just heed your feed back sis.Thanks!!! Queen

Henna, which is a natural product, can be used to dye your hair and won’t damage it either. It can be ordered from or

I have just started this journey. My locks are 1 week old. I am so excited that I found your website. I have read lots of great information and look forward to more.


Congratulations on your new journey and thank you so much again for joining the NuGrowth Community!

Looking for a good loctocian in central fl

I love coconut oil for my locs!!

I’m glad its working for you, but be careful of coconut oil…it solidifies and contains protein.

Why is protein (in coconut oil) bad for your hair?

The hair is made of protein so too much of it will harden the hair to the point that it is brittle and breaks.

Is coconut oil good for love?

Which is good for locs since I’m in Ghana west African can I apply sha butter on my locs

Can you recommend a moisture treatment that you suggested in your “do’s and don’ts for locs” guide? Thanks in advance!

[…] READ: Top 5 Oils for Locs […]

[…] READ: Top 5 Oils for Locs […]

Hi,, i’m so glad i found you,, i have just started the journey, they are 2 weeks now, hoping to have health, beautifull dreadlock as long as i can

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I have just started this journey of locs it is 2months now and it started thinning and iam using Jamaica caster oil and Cabbinis and Shea butter spray.can this products be the course ?

I workout alot…. What to do for when your dreads get musty-like? I don’t wanna over-wash them…is there a nice smelling oil or something I can use to keep my head fresh-smelling in between washings.

I would highly recommend the PURE SCALP which is available at and you can learn more about caring for your locs in this article:

Can I use shea butter or oil on my locks or rather scalp?

I would not suggest it… Why I Stopped Using Shea Butter

Thanks for the advice on thinning hair. I have been experiencing some thinning on my locs. That was certainly helpful.

So… I habe been asking myself this question for a while. Is it necessary to condition locs after a shampoo?

I usually use Mango and Lime products (apart from locking). Please what do you think of the oil? Another question please, is it okay for me to deep condition? (I usually use Sunny Isle JBCO Repair Masque )

#apart from Mango and Lime locking gel

Olive oil with lemongrass.

I find it very hard to get certain oils. The one I’ve been using is amla oil. I use it it once a week after washing my locs. I also use lemograss and rosemary in water deodorizer. My locs are healthy, strong and love it.

How should I apply essential oils to dreads? Can I just rub them in? Does the oils need to be rinsed out?

I’m a week interlocking, My question are how long before I can oil or wash my hair I have dry hair and scalp

I came across your site researching how to grow thick locs. Love it! I restarted my journey yesterday. I’ll definitely be taking a lot of your advise.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Congratulations on your new journey with thick locs!

Very informative info. Thank you

Happy to help! 🙂

Good day Queen,

I have long mature locks, very long. I don’t like the re -twist grooming process but when I don’t groom my locks are thinning and pulling away from the mature locks root. I did a retwist last week and my roots are so skinny and I feel like it’s too skinny to hold the locks. Any advice?

My locks are dry and 3 months old. Which hair conditioner and oil do you think would be better to keep my locks healthy and shinny? Thanks.

Moisture starts with that you’re using to cleanse your locs with. Check out the products at

Please help, I have alopecia and I’m trying to regrow the hair in that area. What oils would you recommend and how often should I use them??

I would highly recommend speaking to a dermatologist, not just trying to apply oils, to get to the root of the issue. Dr. Lenzy is a great resource that offers virtual consultations, you can check out her website here.

Hello I keep my locs feeling healthy from the roots but my hair looks dry how can I get some Shine

It is probably the shampoo you are using that is causing your locs to be dull.

How often should you use oils, especially for microlocs (starter)? Or are they only necessary based on what your hair needs?

My hair texture changed with age and also after I’ve had gastric sleeve surgery. What products will help with thickening my locs ?

There is nothing that will thicken your hair, your hair is your hair. However there are vitamins that can help strengthen you hair to minimize breakage and herbal restorative oils that stimulate follicles for growth but I want you to be mindful that you’re not changing your hair.

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