Top 3 Things You Need For Retwising Locs

Products for Retwisting Locs

What do I need for retwisting locs at home?

After the beautiful labor of love in starting locs, generally speaking, every 4 weeks it’ll be time to retwist your locs. If you’re retwisting your locs at home, there are 3 very important items that you will need to be successful. And by successful, I mean ensuring your retwist lasts longer than a week or two.


Top 3 Things You Need To Retwisting Locs At Home

Aside from making sure that your locs are thoroughly cleansed, conditioned, and moisturized before retwisting your locs you’ll need to grab your essentials.


Double Prong Clips for  Retwisting Locs

Double Prong Clips

Of course, there are many types of clips that you can use to retwist your locs but Flat Double Prong Clips yield the best results. The reason double prong clips work so effectively is because they secure the locs in place, whereas wider or more open clips tend to be too loose and allow the retwist to unravel while drying.

Locking Gel

Natural Locking Gel for Retwisting Locs

Aloe Vera Gel for Locs

There are many different brands that claim to have the best locking gel for locs. However, many of the locking gels from the beauty supply store contain products that you should avoid on locs. A better (and cheaper) option would be to make your own natural locking gel. By making your own gel for your locs, you avoid build-up in your locs, flaking, and the unnecessary addition of many ingredients.

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Hair Dryer

Bonnet Hair Dryer for Drying Locs Faster

Bonnet Hair Dryer

In order to stop your retwist from unraveling, last longer, and avoid the mildew smell in your locs, you must completely dry your locs. To completely dry your locs, it is recommended that you sit under a concentrated heat source. Air drying is not the best way to dry your locs because there is no guarantee that they’ll be fully dry. I know we all hate sitting under the dryer, but a soft bonnet dryer makes the process a lot easier. With the soft bonnet hair dryer, you can still hear while under the dryer and since all of your locs are fully enclosed in the bonnet, they’ll dry evenly and in significantly less drying time.

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Having these essentials— double prong clips, natural locking gel, and a bonnet dryer at home for retwisting your locs will make your experience so much better and save you a lot of time. Of course, you’ll also need to know how to palm-roll locs because proper technique will definitely help your hair to lock faster. If you need help with palm-rolling your locs, check out the “How to Retwist Your Locs At Home” workshop.


What are your retwisting must-haves?!
Share your experience in the comments below.

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I have small sisterlocks for over five years now. They have gotten thin on the scalp and I am thinking of joining them to make them and bigger and stronger also cut them short. Please advise if this is possible?

Can I go from sisterlocks to just rolling my locs instead?

Only is the Sisterlocks are combined.

Is it better to retwist hair on dry or wet hair? I started washing my hair at home and drying then going to the salon the next day to retwist so I dont have to sit under the dryer that long at the salon is this ok

How do I dry really long locs?

Several of my friends use Joie to retwist their hair and it’s their go to… but I don’t want buildup? My stylist used it in my starter locs and it was very sticky at the roots…. do you have any comments on Joie for retwisting?

I don’t recommend using edge control gel like mygel for loc grooming.

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