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Thick Locs

Week-Old Spiral Curls Created by Wrap-a-Loc Curls -

Not Retwisting My Locs Causing Itchy Scalp?

Can you believe it’s been 7 Weeks since we kicked off the No Retwist Challenge?! I am still going strong and I’ve learned so much about my locs and hair styling options to extend...

How To Grow Thick Locs

Sharing 5 easy to follow hair care tips for locs that will help you to grow thicker locs without combining the locs to make them thicker.

Rockin’ Locs with Crinkles

The last hairstyle I had on these thick, juicy locs of mine was around Christmas time when I tried wearing my locs curly in my 2 Year Locs Update video. I used soft sponge...