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locs thinning from semi-freeforming

Don’t Semi-Freeform Yet!

Sharing tips on what to consider before attempting to semi-freeform locs in order to prevent thinning when semi-freeforming locs.
Thinning Roots of Locs from Not Retwisting

Not Retwisting Can Cause Thinning

Have you been told that not retwisting your locs will make them thicker? What if I told you that is NOT true! Not retwisting your locs can cause thinning and here’s why.
Thinning with Semi-Freeform Locs

How to Semi-Freeform Your Locs Properly

Learn how to avoid the common mistakes when you semi-freeform your locs so that you do not experience thinning at the roots or breakage!
Thick Locs Ponytail Texture Shot - CURLYNUGROWTH.COM

Starting to Accept My Roots

A little over a month without retwisting my locs and I’m coming to terms with it; Acceptance. Finally, I’m past the point of “if I just retwist I can look like I care” and...

Rockin’ Locs with Crinkles

The last hairstyle I had on these thick, juicy locs of mine was around Christmas time when I tried wearing my locs curly in my 2 Year Locs Update video. I used soft sponge...