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woman maintaining locs

Are Locs Low Maintenance?

Do you really gain more freedom with locs? Let’s explore what kind of commitments you make when you start locs to find out if locs are low maintenance or not.
What Happens If You Don't Use Products on Locs -

What Happens If You Don’t Use Products to Retwist Locs

Learn how your hair works and what will happen to your scalp if you don’t use any products on your locs to retwist your locs.
Would you sell your locs for $4,000? -

Would You Sell Your Locs?

We live in a very instantaneous society— if you want long hair you can go to the store and buy a weave; similarly, if you want long locs, you can get faux locs. Pretty...
Is Natural Hair Acceptable in the Workplace? -

Is it Acceptable to Wear Natural Hair in the Workplace?

A few days ago, news/TV personality Angela Green, posted a video with her assistant, a 19-year old college student with voluminous blonde ringlets, and the video caused an epic uproar in the natural hair...
stylist drying natural hair client using blow dryer and brush

Why Salons Charge More for Natural Hair?

“Its so expensive to get my natural hair done at a Salon!” This is a statement that I hear a lot about on social media. As a Natural Hair Stylist, Natural Hair Blogger, and...