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End of NuGrowthChallenge -

The No Retwist #NuGrowthChallenge Is Over

The End. I am truly sad that the No Retwist #NuGrowthChallenge has come to an end; but I am very grateful for the experience and community that we have created! Over the last 8...
Week-Old Spiral Curls Created by Wrap-a-Loc Curls -

Not Retwisting My Locs Causing Itchy Scalp?

Can you believe it’s been 7 Weeks since we kicked off the No Retwist Challenge?! I am still going strong and I’ve learned so much about my locs and hair styling options to extend...
Thick Locs Air Drying -

Styling Locs Without Retwisting

A look at how styling locs without retwisting actually creates beautiful “lived in” curls that make you forget that you haven’t done your hair in weeks.
Thick Locs Ponytail Texture Shot - CURLYNUGROWTH.COM

Starting to Accept My Roots

A little over a month without retwisting my locs and I’m coming to terms with it; Acceptance. Finally, I’m past the point of “if I just retwist I can look like I care” and...
Loose Hair on Edge of Locs from not retwisting locs for a month -

No Retwisting Week 4 Update

Headbands. Scarfs. Updo. — My life, well really my only hairstyling options, this week—Week 4 of the #NuGrowthChallenge! Yes, we’re halfway through already! Congratulations on making it an entire month without over-manipulating or trying...