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The Journey to African Locs: A Complex Conversation

An amazing panel of creatives within the loc community, speaking about “The Journey to African Locs”, the accessibility of products for locs in big box stores, discrimination of locs at natural hair events, and...
Natural Hair Artwork

Where to Find Natural Hair Artwork

Finding natural hair artwork can be challenging, especially when searching for artwork with locs, but I’ve found a great art dealer!
Is it Safe to Wear Locs In The Workplace?

Discrimination of Locs in the Workplace Is Just The Beginning

This isn’t a new topic for America, only a new area of focus. Remember in 2015, when men and women in the armed forces, specifically the Marine Corps, were granted “authorization” to have locs...
Is Natural Hair Acceptable in the Workplace? -

Is it Acceptable to Wear Natural Hair in the Workplace?

A few days ago, news/TV personality Angela Green, posted a video with her assistant, a 19-year old college student with voluminous blonde ringlets, and the video caused an epic uproar in the natural hair...
Snoop Lion Starter Locs -

Embracing Your Hair: A Lesson From Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is apart of a very exclusive group of men that can wear spiral curls, pigtails and a satin scarf yet still maintain his masculinity and street credibility. Over the past 20 years...