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Loc Repair

Thinning Locs due to dryness

9 Common Causes of Thinning Locs

Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT normal for locs to thin and break off, especially without warning. In this article, learn the 9 most common causes of thinning locs and where to seek...
Combined Locs Update - CURLYNUGROWTH.COM

My Combined Locs Update

Sharing the process of how my combined locs have evolved and what I would do differently.
FAQs About Loc Reattachment -

Loc Reattachment FAQs

Have questions about Loc Reattachment or Loc Extensions? Hair Transformation Specialist Sonya Michelle answers frequently asked questions about Loc Reattachment including minimum length needed, sizing, and parting.
Before and After results of Loc Repair -

3 Tips for Frizzy Hair Loc Repair at Home

One of my biggest issues with my locs was that I had mountains of loose hairs that were not apart of a loc. This really irritated me and actually made me really self-conscious. I...
Regrowing Edges Using Hair Oil -

How To Regrow Edges Naturally

What’s that saying? — “You never miss it until it’s gone” — well, that applies to edges too! You don’t know how much you love your edges until you lose them; especially when it’s...