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Loc Jewelry

Crown Chronicle of @MajesticDopenessLocs

A look into the loc journey of @MajesticDopenessLocs from having relaxed, straight hair to getting her first set of thick traditional locs.

5 Ways To Have Fun With Locs

A few of the ways that you can have fun with your locs without adding color involve loc jewelry, hair sprinkles, hair color spray, yarn wrapping, and pony beads. Interested?!

3 Tips for Wearing Loc Jewelry Without Causing Damage

Learn the difference between temporary & permanent loc jewelry, when it’s safe to wear loc jewelry and how different loc jewelry materials can cause damage.
Hair Sprinkles / Locs Jewels in Loc Bang by 2322

Hair Sprinkles for Locs

I always like to try new things, especially if I’ve never seen it before; so when I stumbled upon hair Sprinkles, I had to get some! What are hair Sprinkles? Well, according to the...