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black women with locs in high ponytail loc style

Crown Chronicle of @TheQualityName

Get to know Diamond (a.k.a. @TheQualityName) and her thick, semi-freeform locs that have been cultivated by her own hands, but were birthed from a bit of frustration with her loose natural hair.

Things I Wish I Knew In The Beginning of My Loc Journey

Whether you’ve had locs for years or you’re just beginning your journey, learning from the experiences of others will help you avoid common struggles. I reached out to several Vloggers with gorgeous locs to...

Crown Chronicle of @Barbylocs

“A confident woman, a woman who truly knows her worth and her power is a force to be reckoned with.” I discovered @BarbyLocs through her bold and unapologetic images that depict the beauty of...
LocCrush Hair Feature - CURLYNUGROWTH.COM

Crown Chronicle of @LocCrush

The woman behind @LocCrush is the epitome of a hair crush with a crown full of luscious locs, a beautiful smile and a personality to match. Her loc journey is so inspirational, to witness short...
Blue Locs Dreads

Crown Chronicle of @BrandiChantalle

BrandiChantalle is a the Creator of Mama & Me Wraps, a satin-lined headwrap company for Mom & Baby, and a beautiful Queen with a very unique crown.   Tell us about yourself: My name...