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Locs and Dreads that are maintained with interlocking.

The 5 Best Tools for Interlocking

A review of the top 5 tools that can be used for interlocking locs and dreads without causing thinning or breakage of the hair.

What Are The Different Types of Microlocs?

Exploring the differences between microlocs at various stages, sizes, and with different methods of starting/maintaining them.
Can You Switch Between Palm Rolling And Interlocking Without Causing Damage

Switching Between Palm Rolling & Interlocking Without Causing Damage

Analyzing the purpose of palm rolling and interlocking to help you determine if it is possible to switch between the two techniques without causing damage.

Palm Rolling vs. Interlocking: Which Is Best?

A detailed review of the differences between palm rolling vs interlocking maintenance techniques for locs; along with the advantages and disadvantages of each technique.
Before and After results of Loc Repair -

3 Tips for Frizzy Hair Loc Repair at Home

One of my biggest issues with my locs was that I had mountains of loose hairs that were not apart of a loc. This really irritated me and actually made me really self-conscious. I...