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we are in headwrap season

We Are Now in Headwrap Season

Sharing a few of my favorite headwrap styles for locs and black-owned shops to purchase beautiful headwraps.
Headwrap Style for Locs

Easy Headwrap Style Tutorial

A step-by-step tutorial of an easy headwrap style for short hair that takes less than 5 minutes to create.

Twisted Nefertiti Headwrap Tutorial

[tg_youtube width=”400″ height=”225″ video_id=”47BrBoCuJv0″] This is a quick and very easy headwrap tutorial to achieve, with or without, a lot of hair. The “Nerfertiti Headwrap” is created using only two pieces of fabric (1...

[Tutorial] Front Cinnabun Headwrap

I am slowly counting down the days until I can shampoo & retwist my locs because my babies are getting really out of control, but their messiness is pushing me to be more creative...