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Freeform Locs

Locs and Dreads that are organically grown and not retwisted.

common causes of flat locs

Common Causes of Flat Locs

Exploring the most common causes of flat locs and sharing the two factors to consider when determining if the flat locs can be rounded.

7 Methods to Start Locs: Drawbacks & What to Expect

There are essentially 7 different methods that can be used to start locs. The best method for you depends greatly on the combination of your hair texture, hair length, and desired end result/size. I...

Are Locs a Lifetime Commitment?

“Are locs permanent or not?”  This is a very common question surrounding dreadlocks, and the popular misconception is that you have to cut your locs off to start your natural hair journey over.  Contrary...
CurlyNuGrowth Semi-Freeform Locs at 21 Months

21 Month Loc Update: Semi-Freeform Locs Vlog #1

A quick update on my new semi-freeform locs regimen, styles, and progress of the locs that I’ve recently combined.