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Microlocs Are Unsafe for Black Women

Getting Microlocs Today… Is It Safe?

A decade ago installing microlocs was almost unheard of, but now that they are mainstream are black women better or worse off getting microlocs?

The Journey to African Locs: A Complex Conversation

An amazing panel of creatives within the loc community, speaking about “The Journey to African Locs”, the accessibility of products for locs in big box stores, discrimination of locs at natural hair events, and...
Natural Hair Artwork

Where to Find Natural Hair Artwork

Finding natural hair artwork can be challenging, especially when searching for artwork with locs, but I’ve found a great art dealer!
The Problem With Covering Your Locs With A Wig

The Problem With Covering Your Locs With a Wig

Many people will argue that wearing a wig is a styling option for women that like to “change their hair often”; yet never acknowledge the psychological implications of covering your own natural hair with...
The Faux Locs Wig and Cultural Appropriation of Locs

The Real Cultural Appropriation of Locs

Discussing the cultural appropriation of locs and why the natural hair market is dominated by profited on by all races except those it markets towards.