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Is Natural Hair Acceptable in the Workplace? -

Is it Acceptable to Wear Natural Hair in the Workplace?

A few days ago, news/TV personality Angela Green, posted a video with her assistant, a 19-year old college student with voluminous blonde ringlets, and the video caused an epic uproar in the natural hair...
4 Hairstyles for Locs in the Workplace -

How to Style Locs for the Workplace

“How will I wear my hair at work?” — Finally, the answer to one of the most common phrases amongst Loc Rockers and people that want to start locs. There are many stereotypes when...
Man with Dreadlocks in a Business Suit

“You Can’t Make It In Corporate America With Locs”…Supposedly.

It hurts me that in this day and age we, as a people, cannot embrace our own culture. I recently discovered the article in Black Enterprise entitled “Hampton University School of Business Bans Dreadlocks“….and I did...

Wearing an Afro to a Job Interview

When I first went natural, I didn’t really think nothing of it as it pertains to my current job because they are pretty open and accepting of different cultures. But as I prepare to...