Trimming the Frizzy Ends of Locs

Should you trim the frizzy ends of your locs?

The short answer, it depends on where you are in your loc journey.

Up Close Picture of Loc Bud with Frizzy Ends

NO, you should not trim the fuzzy ends off of your locs. Especially, if you’ve just started your loc journey, within the last 24 months, or if you have fine or loose curly hair. The fuzziness at the very ends of your locs is a sign that the loc is actually locking (yay!), meaning the loc is forming the “bud”. The bud at the end of your locs is what will hold in all the shed hairs from the root down, thus allowing “locs” to take shape. Also, as the locs begin to mature they will be fuzzy, at least with most hair textures, and fuzziness is normal. Keep in mind, that the majority of the fuzziness during the beginning stages will be pulled into the core of the loc to form a solid foundation, but if you cut the fuzziness around the loc off before it’s ready then you’ll weaken the loc. Your locs will never stand a chance against all the manipulation to come in future years and will start breaking off. You don’t want that!

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However, there are exceptions…

YES, you can cut the ends of your locs if you’ve been loc’d for at least 2-3 years, or don’t mind waiting for your locs to form another “bud” at the ends, or if you’re just ready for a new haircut (yes you can cut locs into hairstyles!). However, don’t just go cutting off your loc’d ends on a whim because there is a certain method to cutting locs so that they don’t begin to unravel or “blow out”. I recommend visiting a Loctician that is trained or certified in hair locking for a haircut.

Hopefully, this helped you to understand why fuzziness in locs is sometimes a necessity. If you are curious about the various stages of the locking process, check out that post and video about “The Stages of Hair Locking“.

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Jocelyn Reneé

Jocelyn Reneé is a Licensed Cosmetologist, Loctician and Textured Hair Educator. She was born and raised in the Washington DC area and is a graduate of the Aveda Institute Cosmetology Science program. With over 14 years in the Hair Care Industry, from Salon Assistant to Natural Hair Blogger to Professional; Jocelyn is passionate about cultivating healthy hair.

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Hmmm…I’ve always trimmed the fuzz and I’ve never had a negative experience from it. Those little balls at the end get snipped and I also prune -snip the fuzz along the locs.

You many not see an immediate impact but overtime your locs will be weaker because those hairs would have otherwise embedded into the loc’s matrix to make it stronger.

What happens if you have fuzzies at the roots of your locs. I’m almost three years into my loc journey and some of my roots are not combined into my locs no matter how much I put it back.

I am partial to embracing frizzy hair, especially with locs. But if it is really bothering you, check out Chescalocs tutorial for threading stray hairs: I hope this helps! 🙂

happy to join the group

About the second time I went to the stylist that started my locs, after washing and retwisting my babies, she just started to snip at them with the scissors. I stopped her immediately and asked her NOT to cut the loose hairs, because I knew from researching this issue that they were too young to start ‘loc pruning’. She was surprised, said they would look neater (yeah, they would in the short term, but long term???). She also wore her own hair relaxed, and that in itself has made me swear to never let a non-loc’er do my locs! Yeah, my loose strands DO drive me crazy, and I have to constantly work on separating them from neighboring locs and herding them back into their original locs (wrapping around the loc), but I’ve got my eye on how I want my thick locs to look 5 years from now, so the sacrifice and extra work now is worth the end results down the road. Patience!!!

[…] Trimming the Frizz from Locs […]

hello , i’m trying to grow thicker dreads . i’m approaching my 4 year loc anniversary . around 2 or 3 years ago , my loctician trimmed my locs with clippers :(((((( (this is because i was getting a curly style and my locs were extremely frizzy at that point) and they’re not as thick as they used to be . what can i do to help them grow thicker again ?

That’s so unfortunate that they “trimmed” your locs like that. Technique can control frizz NOT buzzing the locs, but as far as where you are now the only solution to correct the damage that they caused would be a loc repair with afro-kinky hair to replenish the thickness of your locs.

I went to a Loctician recently and she pruned my locs. I’m 10 months into my locs journey. My hair is mostly loc”d – I started them with braids. I don’t mind frizz. But since this was my first time with an actual Loctician I didn’t know this was a bad thing and now I’m worried. If I have only had this done one time and tell them not to do this going forward, will I be able to salvage my locs?

Hopefully, but only time will tell the damage done.

My issue is shedding at the ends..I am recovering from breakage due to me ignorantly doing an ACV rinse every week and not washing it out, or conditioning my hair ever. My hair suffered greatly and broke off considerably! (I was stupid, i know) so after i found out what i was doing wrong, i had no choice but to cut my locs. (I was tired of the loose hairs shedding everywhere, it was quite embarassing) now my hair is much healthier but i am still noticing shedding on my ends. I really dont want to have to cut them shorter but if i have to i will. What do you i am 6 years loc’d

I ignorantly clipped my locs because my hair is so soft, loosely textured and curly and in order to neaten it up I have been clipping the ends of my locs for about a month and a half. I just don’t know at this point after reading your article how much damage I’ve actually done to my hair.
I’m so sad.

Yannie the locologist check out her page because she gives wise counsel concerning loc health. And I also learned that we should never trim our fuzzies…. I have had locs doe 13 years and I am learning so very much about them that I didn’t know before. I am great about food info on this page as well blessings to all.

What is a good henna for my hair that would not open my locs. They are opening and frizzy. I think I should not put conditioner on my her too.

I’m not cutting the bud but I did trim the few strands that come far out of the button (bud) of the loc. Those hairs usually come out easily or some are already disconnected from the pore and just need to be pulled out to look neater so I’ve dreamed any loose hairs that are coming way to far from the lock and bud. Is this okay? Maybe I should start knitting it back into the dread but as I said it is only a few hairs and they usually fall out or on the way to fall out so I just clip em. Not the bud but few hairs inches past the bud which looks bad.

So last night I trimmed the frizzy ends of about 7 or 8 of my dreads I have only had them about 8 months do you think trimming them one time damaged them?

I have loose textured hair and my ends are straight from the flat iron. My hair is just past my shoulders. I just started two strand twists. They are holding after a week, but wondering if if should snip off the straight ends.

I have straight ends left from previous relaxed hair, what happens to them should I have them trimmed.

yes, trim them

I wanted to know if it is possible to rat tail comb out the ends of my locs and allow for them to reloc? It sounds weird I know but I let someone twist my locs and instead of only twisting the roots they smooth my entire loc. And now I no longer have the fuzzy ends which was the look I wanted not smooth looking locs. I wanted it to look more bohemian or unmanaged instead of like I went to a salon. Please help

no it will likely not reloc. the loose ends are a sign of incomplete hair locking.

I just started my lock journey yesterday and today I cut off some of the ends down, not all the way to the coil with that effect my budding process?


I’ve been growing large comb coils for two months and unfortunately, I pulled the little knots at the ends of my hair out. Will the ends of my hair give me another chance and knot up again? Thanks in advance for your help and encouragement!

My hair is spitting fuzzy and breaking off in Certain spots wat should I do cut then and start over seem like there or nt growing know more

I can’t tell you exactly what to do without a consultation but you could start over and next time ensure that you have regular hair care treatments and habits to keep your locs healthy. I invite you to join the Loc Goals Club so that I can support you along your DIY loc journey!

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