How to Maintain Your Locs As The Seasons Change

There are many unique challenges that people with locs encounter as the seasons change. From battling dryness in the colder months to taming humidity and frizz in the warmer seasons; but don’t worry because I’ve got you covered! In my recent video, “Tips for Adjusting Your Hair Care Regimen As The Seasons Change“, I share a few of the common changes that occur during the seasonal shift and what to do about in.

Additionally, in this post, we will explore five valuable tips that will help you navigate the seasonal changes with confidence. From proper moisturization and loc care products to adjusting your maintenance routine and more. With these tips, your locs will stay healthy, strong, and free from buildup no matter what the year throws your way!

5 Tips to Maintain Your Locs As The Seasons Change

1. Shampoo Your Locs More

When the weather heats up and gets more humid, it’s a good idea to give your locs some extra love with frequent washing. All that outdoor fun and exposure to dust and pollen can leave buildup in your locs, so a regular wash routine helps keep things clean and fresh. Remember, April showers bring May flowers, so think of your locs as a lush, beautiful garden.

When it comes to washing your locs efficiently, here’s the scoop: grab a bottle of the JUST CLEAN clarifying shampoo for a deep, yet gentle cleanse. Target your scalp, where dirt and oils hang out the most. Massage the shampoo in with your (gloved) fingertips to get rid of impurities at your roots. When rinsing, use lukewarm water and give your locs a gentle squeeze from root to tip. This helps the water flow throughout your locs and ensures a thorough rinse.

2. Remove Sweat From Your Scalp

When the temperature rises, so does the sweat factor! After a good workout, it’s common for your scalp to get all sweaty, and your locs can absorb that salty wetness. And you don’t want to leave it like that for too long! Allowing sweat to hang around on your scalp can attract unwanted guests like bacteria and yeast, causing funky smells and even scalp irritations. So, keep it fresh and dry by taking care of that post-workout sweat ASAP!

3. Reduce Air-drying

When it’s hot and humid outside, air-drying can take a long time and/or leave you with unwanted results. Humid or moisture-saturated air, like what we have here in Maryland, can slow down the drying process. And here’s the thing: leaving your locs damp in a humid environment can lead to mildew. You don’t want that! Plus, it can wreak havoc on your scalp, causing itchiness, flakiness, and worst cases scalp infections. So, if you want to avoid those issues, consider giving your locs a little extra help to speed up the drying process. I recommend at least 30 minutes under a concentrated heat source.

4. Take Care of Itchy Scalp

An itchy scalp is not uncommon during seasonal shifts. It’s all thanks to the warmer temperature and extra humidity. And let’s not forget about those pesky allergens like pollen and dust that come out to play in the warm seasons too. If you’re allergic or sensitive to those little troublemakers, they can make your scalp itch like crazy. But as tempting as it may be, don’t go scratching your scalp. It’ll just make things worse and can lead to irritation or damage.

The smart way to handle the situation is to cleanse regularly with a gentle shampoo. And when you’re out and about, consider wearing a light headwrap or hat to avoid things becoming trapped in your locs. Also, loose loc styles, such as Nubian Twists, and rocking breathable fabrics are some go-to options to keep sweating and itchiness in check.

5. Adjust Your Product Routine

As the seasons come and go, and they bring all sorts of weather craziness with them. Those environmental factors can definitely mess with your locs, so it is good practice to adapt your product routine to the shifts. If you’re feeling dry or itchy, treat yourself to more hydration treatments and scalp massages. And when it’s hot and sticky outside, give your locs a break from using too much oil. Remember less is more with it comes to product usage.

Get Your Locs Season-Ready!

I’m here to help ensure your locs stay healthy, vibrant, and buildup-free all year round. Definitely make sure you’re in the Loc Goals Club as we dive more into this topic and other seasonal impacts, like pool swimming. The goal is for your locs to be season-ready and allow you to embrace the changing seasons with confidence!

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