Retightening After Major Slippage

Retightening Time: 3.5 Hours
Sisterlocks Age: 16 Months
Time Between Retightening: 6 Weeks 

From my post at the beginning of last month [HERE], you know Ive been participating in a styling challenge where I was trying to achieve a new style each day. However after a few days my scalp became extremely tender and I noticed a lot of slippage. I tried to continue doing some styling with my Sisterlocks after I set them on Lock Loops, but my hair just wasn’t having it, so I had to stop. Even though I couldn’t complete the challenge, I learned something new about my hair; it doesn’t like too manipulation
Before Retightening

Before Retightening
As you can see, after my normal 5 weeks between retightening, my nu growth was like a mini afro from all the slippage and a lot my hairs had crept out of my Sisterlocks. 
After Retightening

After Retightening
Because I had so much slippage, my Sisterlock Consultant decided to only do one full rotation on my Sisterlocks and not retightening all the way to my scalp. I was really glad she made this decision because my scalp was still a little sensitive and having a sore scalp after my retightening was not something I was looking forward to. By doing only one rotation, my Sisterlocks were all laying in the same direction and were loose enough that my scalp was relaxed! I was quite happy! 
Check out my Sisterlock Vlog update [HERE] for an up close view of my Sisterlocks after my retightening and also some of the new Oyin Handmade and Jamaican Mango & Lime products that I have been using! 

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