Pipe Cleaner Set vs. Flexi-Rod Set on Locs

I have tried the Pipe Cleaner set and the Flexi Rod Set a few times on my Sisterlocks and I’ve come to the conculsion that the Flexi Rod Set is much better! In my comparison video [HERE], I discuss the differences that I’ve noticed between the two ways to achieve curly locs.
Pipe Cleaner Set
Flexi Rod Set

So what are Flexi Rods you might ask? Well, Flexi Rods are soft, spongy rollers with a smooth surface that come in various sizes/colors.
Flexi Rods
And Pipe Cleaners are just like what you remember from childhood. A long piece of mental with fuzzy felt covering the surface.
Pipe Cleaners
Check out the video [HERE] and find out the differences in preparation time and the process of actually setting your locs.

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Jocelyn Reneé

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