Are you confused by all the misleading information about locs online?

Do you want to know what products to use and when to use them?

Do you believe your locs should feel and look better?

Introducing the Cultivator Community

Why The Community Exists

I created this community to teach you how to holistically cultivate healthy locs that you're able to maintain at home. Unlike YouTube videos or social media posts, we're face-to-face learning together.

This is the trusted online resource for affordable professional hair care advice and training exclusively for hair locking that you've been looking for!

What's Inside The Cultivator Community

Self-Paced Workshops

Get instant access to Loctician-led online workshops valued over $375! Easily learn how to build a hair care regimen, detox your locs, remove lint or retwist your locs at home with our self-paced online trainings. You no longer have to search YouTube to piece together answers and tutorials— it's all inside the Cultivator Community!

Weekly Group Consultations

Got questions? We have answers!  Connect with a Certified Loctican every Friday over video to receive real-time guidance and support with any questions or concerns that arise about starting locs, loc repair, products, or grooming.

Mindfulness Challenges

You're not alone on your journey to healthy hair.  Participate in monthly challenges that encourage you to prioritize your self care. We believe your health is reflected in your hair and we want the best for you!

Member Only Perks

We have monthly product promotions and giveaways exclusive for members of the community! 

You Deserve Healthy Locs— Join the Cultivator Community!

Only $25 / Month + One-Time Registration Fee

What The Community Says

"Your guidance has been very helpful throughout my loc journey! My goal for my locs were to cultivate healthy locs and with your help, I’ve been able to do that."
Jamaica, @jamaicasays
"I must say I am very grateful for the knowledge you’ve given me! The dos and don’ts you’ve given me as well have helped me keep my hair healthy and to embrace the process. My local loctician is very proud of how I maintain my hair every time I see her for my retwist."
Roxanne, @roxanneroxanne66
"I am so glad I found you as I neared my one year mark. I do not believe in coincidences. You gave me the confidence to follow my gut. I can wash my own hair and re-twist less frequently."
Edith, @sorelmabel

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