#NuGrowthChallenge Week 2 Update

Locs Pinup Hairstyle - CURLYNUGROWTH.com

After swimming, exercising, and a few styles over the past week, my locs are definitely bushy and I could most definitely use a retwist — at least on my edges. However, I am staying committed to the #NuGrowthChallenge — and I hope you are too!

“So, how was this last week on my nu growth?” I’m glad you asked…

Loose hairs after a Retwist - CURLYNUGROWTH.COM

Truthfully, my edges are really my main area of concern once the neatness of a recent retwist becomes non-existent; but they are also where most of the thinning is happening. When my edges become frizzy and the new hairs, that have recently sprouted, stick straight up, I feel really self-conscious; but I have realized that the only way to learn to accept my hair is to embrace it!

[bctt tweet=”The only way to accept it, is to embrace it! “]

Lately, instead of retwisting my edges, I have been wearing updo hairstyles with faux bangs to help me not to think about touching up my edges really quick!

Locs Updo Hairstyle - CURLYNUGROWTH.com

Locs Pinup Hairstyle - CURLYNUGROWTH.com


I know I’m not going to wear an updo everyday for the next 6 weeks, because I don’t want to put unnecessary tension on my roots and honestly I’m lazy, lol. This means I’m bound to hear the comment — “When are you going to do your hair?” — more than likely from my Mom…

Kevin Hart Meme - Mom's FAce When She Saw My Freeform Locs -CURLYNUGROWTH.com

Who is normally the first person to comment on your roots when you’ve gone past your typical retwist time?

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Jocelyn Reneé

Jocelyn Reneé is a Licensed Cosmetologist, Loctician and Textured Hair Educator. She was born and raised in the Washington DC area and is a graduate of the Aveda Institute Cosmetology Science program. With over 14 years in the Hair Care Industry, from Salon Assistant to Natural Hair Blogger to Professional; Jocelyn is passionate about cultivating healthy hair.

Blog Comments

That’s funny because my mom is always the first one to say that my hair needs to be done too. Mothers, they are so funny.

I’d like to think it comes from a place of love! lol

It’s been about 15-16 months for me since I first started and I’ve only retwisted a handful of times with no future retwist in sight. Honestly, I haven’t had any negative comments or people questioning my hair habits. Either I’m around some really open-minded people or my hair texture may play a role in the lack of commentary. It’s just natural for me and perhaps it’s just my casual vibes that push away the stereotype that it’s a requirement to keep your hair retwisted.

You must have all positive vibes around you. I, on the other hand, have gone against the “norm” in my whole family so I am used to the “hating”. lol

Hey, it’s so relevant and refreshing coming across your blogs today.. I haven’t retwisted for approximately 10 weeks now, and have only just decided to try semi free forming.. I guess I’m already part way there, there’s a lot of growth on top, but it’s still loose.. Will continue to be patient, but am looking forward to seeing what my hair will naturally do.. Stay with it, the edges freak me out too, I love your idea regarding making the headbands – I actually have some material so will try that idea! Thank you for your blog!! Happy forming! 🙂

Happy Forming! Thank you for joining my community and I am glad you’ve found useful information. I have tried semi-freeforming and it is so healthy for your locs and roots— stick with it! xo

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