No Retwisting Week 4 Update

Loose Hair on Edge of Locs from not retwisting locs for a month -

Headbands. Scarfs. Updo. — My life, well really my only hairstyling options, this week—Week 4 of the #NuGrowthChallenge! Yes, we’re halfway through already! Congratulations on making it an entire month without over-manipulating or trying to control your roots— they’re thanking you right now!

[bctt tweet=”The sacrifice of retwisting your hair for the reward of thicker healthier locs is worth it!”]

Loose Hair on Edge of Locs from not retwisting locs for a month -

Personally, I’ve been trying to focus less on my “problem areas” and really embrace the journey. Despite having loose hairs that have completely escaped locs, some locs with roots that look like it’s been months since they’ve been maintained, and mini afros on my edges (front & back), I have refrained from retwisting—and it’s been hard! Really hard. Which is why I sincerely appreciate the support and encouragement from ya’ll on tough days (our impromptu Periscope chats are the best!) And the tip for headbands has literally been curbing my self-doubt!


Loose Hair from Locs from Not Retwisting Locs for a Month -

Green DIY Headband for Locs -

What are your roots like after a month of no maintenance?

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