No Retwist Challenge!


I challenge you to improve the health of your locs and gain appreciation for your natural beauty by leaving your locs alone for 8 weeks!

Yes, EIGHT weeks. You can do it! We can do it. Even though I have never been able to reach the 8-week mark, of not retwisting my locs, I have a strong feeling that if we start together we can keep each other encouraged and make it! Just think about how we are going to give our nu growth a rest and create lots of fullness.

No Retwist Challenge

Beginning August 9th, every Wednesday until September 30th use #NuGrowthChallenge and share a picture (or video) of your locs. Give us an update on how you feel about the health of your locs and your appearance that week.

Because I’ll really appreciate you joining me on this challenge, I’d like to giveaway a few of my favorite products! The winner will be selected at random from the #NuGrowthChallenge hashtag and will be receiving — Dr. Bronner’s Shampoo + Alikay Naturals Essential 17 Hair Growth Oil + a Satin Dubag + $50 Visa Gift card to buy products or whatever else you may need in life!

Sounds fun and easy, right?! I’m literally rewarding you for doing nothing. That never happens, lol.

To join in the challenge, comment below with your social media account where you’ll be sharing your updates!

P.S. —

  • You can shampoo on your normal schedule.
  • You can apply oils but no gel.
  • You can use the tie down method for help laying down your edges.
  • You can post as many update pictures as you like to the #NuGrowthChallenge hashtag.
  • NO retwisting, palm rolling, interlocking or maintenance until September 30th.
[bctt tweet=”I’m joining the #NuGrowthChallenge to improve the health of my locs!”]

Let’s have some fun embracing our roots!

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Jocelyn Reneé

Jocelyn Reneé is a Licensed Cosmetologist, Loctician and Textured Hair Educator. She was born and raised in the Washington DC area and is a graduate of the Aveda Institute Cosmetology Science program. With over 14 years in the Hair Care Industry, from Salon Assistant to Natural Hair Blogger to Professional; Jocelyn is passionate about cultivating healthy hair.

Blog Comments

IG: locjunkie 🙂

Yay! Just followed you!

Can i join late, i havent retwisted since 2nd August so lets go

Theacensionof_rubymoon is my insta i need to find u…do u mind me joining late?

@Nappy_girl4b I will be joining 🙂

Thats my Instagram btw.

Sweet! I’m so hype! I just followed you!

I will join, and use my Instagram account. My user name is Sultryvixen2u

Yay! I just followed you on IG

I accept the #nugrowthchallenge


I’m glad you’re joining! I just followed you on IG

LaQuita Green (FB)

Awesome! Just followed you!

Peace Queen
Simply want to say ” SHO YOU RIGHT “

my IG is @amjust_kim…..
joining the challenge

Yay! We’re going to have fun! -I just followed you!

I started since mid July but would take up the #nugrowthchallenge even though I have a wedding to attend and my birthday on the 20th Sept. I would use my IG account. Blackanesse01

Yes, keep it going! There are plenty of styles you can wear to a wedding with luscious roots!

I’m in? Just last week a friend of mines looked at my hair and said ” oh we gotta twist you up” I smiled and said no thanks!

LOL! I get this comment from my mom at least once a week. I’m sure your roots are beautiful!

I just started my locs on March 12th, so I’m about 5 months in on this beautiful journey. Im so excited to join this #nugrowthchallenge. I’ll be posting on Ig @_hopesandreams

Congratulations on your new journey with locs! I’m glad you’re going to join in on the #NuGrowthChallenge and I look forward to seeing more pics of your locs! — Just followed you on IG 🙂

I will be joining!!!
Twitter Name Ch3rri3s81!

Yay!! Just followed you!

I will do the challenge.
Danishar795 is my instagram name.

Glad you’re joining the challenge! 🙂

I’ll also be joining you on this beautiful challenge! I’ll follow and update through my Facebook account username Kay Jazzi!

Glad you are going to join!

IG : _kottonkandi_
Count me in

Yay! Just followed you! Excited to grow with you over the next 8 weeks!

IG: FummiOh

Nervous, but I shall try… the longest I’ve gone is a month. None4meplease via Twitter

I’m nervous too, but we’ll make it! 🙂

AHHHH!!!! Be careful what you wish for, or promise to yourself, because I DEFINITELY promised myself – after this retwist tonight – that I wouldn’t retwist for 2 months. I wasn’t even looking for a challenge, I came on the site for reasons why folks retwist without clips.

Welp… I’m in. @la5tword (IG & Twitter)

LOL! Glad you’re in — I think it’ll be much easier and give you more of a reason to stick with it since you have others with you! Also that’s a great topic to discuss (post coming soon)!

I’m 6 months into my loc journey but I’m gonna give this a shot. I actually like my locs more when I do a wash & go! My Twitter & IG are @the1stPYT.

Yay!!! So yeah, just wash & go for 8 weeks — It’ll be easy 🙂

@annicklatrese IG & twitter

I’m down. Follow me @only1kiz on insta….I’m soooo nervous. I went a month for the 1st time. This is TRULY gonna be a challenge. Here’s to healthy locs!

Don’t be nervous! Keep the end goal in mind, healthier locs, and embrace the journey!

I will be doing the challenge and posting on my IG account @soo_amazzing!!

Count me in. I already at 5 weeks no re twist. I need help after washing and how to style. Ig sassyjaelocs


I usually go a month before retwisting and I know I’m late but would like to do this!!!

Joining late is ok – I just followed you! 🙂

@kym.e on Instagram ! I will be joining ! I’m trying to get my locs healthy so this is a great challenge !

I accept the #NuGrowthChallenge @dreamer1525 on Instagram


Apria Douglas-harriatt

Just found this website I’m so in love with this community and will be participating in this challenge especially because it’s to help protect my beautiful locs

I’m joining . My Instagram is @lovelyladii_locs

I’m with you!!

Count me in …IG ROYAL_tbabii

I will be doing the challenge!! I’ll be posting to my IG: @Tche_Carter

Love your updates! Thanks for joining! xo

Yaaay I love it! I did a no retwist challenge last year and loved every moment of it. I myself will be joining this challenge as well and you can follow my journey on my IG: @helovemylocs_ !!!

Your locs are gorgeous! Just followed you on IG! 🙂

Thank you so much!

I’ve had my locs for about 9 1/2 months. I think I will partake in this challenge. Its funny bc for the 1st time I washed my own locs rather than going to the shop, and I retested the locs in the back b/c they are having a hard time and need some help. LOL. Even though I’m a few days behind I want to try it. No more retwisting. I gotta find you on Instagram.

Better late than never! I’m glad you’re joining – I am @CurlyNuGrowth on IG 🙂

I accept this challenge and vow not to retwist until September 30 good luck to all my loc Queens and Kings.
Healthy loc’sto us all

Cheers to Healthy Locs!

I would like to try. My ig name is baby.waka

Just followed you back! – How is Week 2 going?

I wish all who do the 8 week no twist success. I do this every summer I do nothing but wash and add oil to my locs all summer long. I love the way they look twisted and non twisted. Good Luck and enjoy the jpurney

Hmmm… I might try this next summer! Sounds so healthy and I would love to have luscious locs at the end of the summer!

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I joined the #nugrowthchallenge… my IG is @rubydee1990

Great! I just followed you 🙂

Great… thanks!

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Wow…just stumbled on this page…glad I’m not crazy afterall..I’ve been on locs for close to a loctician..I interlock mostly as that works well for my schedule and most of my clients schedule. ….i give my clients 6-8wks appointments and they are like..can we come back in 2-3wks…and I’m like…no way…let your locs rest…glad the whole community of loc Sisters here just did this challenge…Love you all…will follow you asap on @curlynugrowth…my IG page is @Jumoke_Fop

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