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The woman behind @LocCrush is the epitome of a hair crush with a crown full of luscious locs, a beautiful smile and a personality to match. Her loc journey is so inspirational, to witness short comb coils transform into long healthy locs.


  1. Tell us about yourself:
    Hi! 🙂 I’m Denise. 35 year old devoted wife and proud mother of three. My background is Education – B.S. from Howard University and M.A. from University of Maryland, Baltimore County. I am currently a stay at home mom.
  2. How long have you had locs and what method did you use to start your loc journey?
    I’ve had locs for five years now. I started my loc journey with comb coils about six months after a big chop.

    LocCrush Comb Coils to Start Locs - CURLYNUGROWTH.COM

    LocCrush Comb Coils – October 2009

  3. How many locs do you have? Have you combined or separated any since you began your journey?
    I’ve lazily combined many locs lol. Starting off with my parts pretty uniform, I’ve learned that your hair grows thicker or thinner in different areas, so I have combined many to avoid thinning locs. I don’t know my exact number – somewhere around 250.
  4. Who or what is your hair idol or hairstyle inspiration?
    I have so many. I’m inspired by people who boldly and freely rock their natural hair regardless of what others may think. My 12 year old daughter is just starting her loc journey and I love that she is confident enough, at such a young age, to go against the grain and be herself.

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  5. How often do you maintain your roots? Do you maintain your locs yourself or do you have a Stylist?
    I’ve maintained my locs myself throughout my journey. There was a time when I retwisted every two weeks. Then again I’ve gone months at a time without retwisting. Right now I’m at a happy medium – about once a month. I have treated myself at times to a salon visit. When I decide to see a professional, I go to the N Natural Hair Studio in Silver Spring, Maryland. LOCCRUSH Spiral Locs - CURLYNUGROWTH.COM
  6. What lessons have you learned during your loc journey?
    Patience. I’ve had several attempts at locs before succeeding this time around. When my hair wouldn’t loc fast enough, I’d get frustrated, think I was doing something wrong, and start over. I’ve learned that the loc process is a natural progression and the timing is individual. My hair took a long time, to me, to loc. I’ve learned to be patient thru the budding stage and the ugly stage and the short locs stage.

    LocCrush 3 Months with Locs - CURLYNUGROWTH.COM

    3 Months into her Journey

  7. What are your favorite products to use on your locs?
    I don’t use many products. I prefer all natural ingredients that are safe enough to eat. I make my own flaxseed gel to retwist and use coconut oil for moisture.
  8. Why did you choose locs?
    I’ve always wanted to loc my hair. Having Sebborheic Dermatitis, my scalp has always been sensitive to chemicals. My natural hair, as you can imagine, is very thick and took a lot of work and products to maintain. I needed a better solution, where I wouldn’t have to spend much time styling daily and could ditch the products. I also feel so much more connected with my roots with my hair in its natural state and having cared for it myself. LocCrush Top Knot on Locs -
  9. What advice would you give to someone just beginning or considering locs?
    Enjoy it! It’s just hair. Don’t start off the journey thinking “this is so permanent”. Let the journey lead you where it may. Enjoy the versatility of every different stage.
  10. Do you have a length goal?
    I am super attached to my locs. At this point, I can’t imagine cutting them. With my hair having grown so much over these past five years, I’m excited to see just how long they’ll get. Close Up of Locs on Loccrush -
  11. Connect with Denise on social media:
    – Blog:
    – Instagram: @LocCrush
    – Youtube: Loc Crush
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