11 Loc Styles for Valentine’s Day

It’s almost Valentine’s Day— which is another day to love on ourselves a little more. This is not a day where we worry or stress about not having someone to buy us dead flowers or junk food. We’re better than that.

We also know that we can express our self care through our hair. And with that being said, I found a few loc styles that will bring you joy. These locs styles for women would be great to try if you’re committed to spending just a few extra minutes in the mirror loving on yourself.

Loc Styles for Valentine’s Day

I have shared a variety of locs styles for different lengths and stages of the locking process. Definitely tag me on Instagram (@crownelements) if you try one of these styles!

Style 1: Rope Twists

Rope Twists

This is one of my favorite hairstyles to do. It is great for all lengths of locs and will give you amazing crinkles after you take the style down. Here is a quick tutorial that I found for the Rope Twists loc style.


Style 2: Faux Side-Cut

I really love simple loc styles that can be done at any length. You can add as many braids on the side to give texture and shape to the style. I found a tutorial that will help you to achieve a similar look.


Style 3: Pin-Curl Ponytail

This elegant loc style is really great if you are heading out on a date or just want to look fancy. After pulling your locs into a ponytail, you then roll the ends into pin-curls. This may be a bit advanced to DIY but you can always take it to a loctician to recreate.


Style 4: Raised Braid & Petals

Braids are a classic style in the natural hair community and this style gives an added dimension with the loc petals at the ends. Here is a tutorial to create something similar.


Style 5: Curls & Pompadour

You know that I have been loving curls lately. So if your locs are already curled, you can pull the front half up into a pompadour to recreate this look.


Style 6: Plaits & Bantus

If you’re not already following @keishacharmaine’s YouTube channel, I highly recommend it. She posts dope styles like this one, which is an easy style for long locs. And she posted a tutorial if you want to recreate this look.


Style 7: Bantu Knots

This loc style is really great for the early stages of the loc journey. I lived in bantu knots when I started my locs, but you can also create this style on longer locs. Check out this bantu knot tutorial.


Style 8: Halo Crown Braid

I remember when I first learned how to do this loc style and I was amazed at how simple it was. Here is a quick tutorial for you to recreate this look.


Style 9: Loc Petals

Do you want to add texture volume to your locs? If the answer is yes, try Loc Petals! This loc style is surprisingly easy to do— you’ll just need a loc of rubber bands. Check out this Loc Petals tutorial.


Style 10: Curly Bun

Everyone loves a bun style! You can create a loc bun with long locs and short locs, believe it or not. Here is a tutorial to create a Bun Loc Style on Long Locs and a tutorial for creating a bun with short locs.


Style 11: Braided Halo

This is a beautiful style for longer locs that takes the pressure off of the top of the head. Here is an easy to follow tutorial for the Halo Crown Loc Style.

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