Loc Brushing Tips From A Loctician

I am Pro Loc Brushing!

Just want to get that out of the way so that we are clear. I believe and have seen, in my locs and the locs’ of my salon guests, the benefits of loc brushing. At the same time, I have heard many “Locticians” shame people for brushing their locs. There is no shame here!

This video is an update to the “Loc Brushing 101” video that I shared in 2015. Yes, I’ve been brushing my locs that long! In the previous video, I shared some general tips for Loc Brushing and also demonstrated how it should be done for mature locs only. However, in this new video, tips for brushing Starter Locs and Sisterlocks are included as well!

Loc Brushing Tips From A Loctician

The 3 most important things that I want you to always remember when you’re considering Loc Brushing are that the bristles matter, the stage of the locking process matters, and how you brush matters as well.

The Bristles Matter. Most people will only need to use a soft bristle brush for Loc Brushing. However, some times a hard bristle brush is needed. So when you are choosing a brush for Loc Brushing, always be sure to feel the bristles and/or read the description of the bristles. You don’t want to end up like me… [read: When Loc Brushing Goes Wrong to see what happened].


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When To Brush Your Locs. The way you can use a brush on your locs in the Adult phase is not the same way that you would use a brush in the Starter Locs phase. With that said, you want to be very mindful of how and when you’re brushing your locs depending on the stage of the locking process that you are in. And I honestly believe this is why a lot of “Locticians” shame Loc Brushing because people are using it incorrectly and at the wrong times.

Brush With Purpose. I think a lot of people hear about Loc Brushing and start raking their locs with a brush like you did with your baby doll’s hair as a child— STOP THAT! There is a technique to Loc Brushing that will help minimize frizz and promote healthy / clean locs.

These 3 tips will be useful as you begin to brush your locs, but I highly encourage you to watch the latest video “Loc Brushing TIPS from a LOCTICIAN” to see and hear why I am pro Loc Brushing!

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Jocelyn Reneé

Jocelyn Reneé is a Licensed Cosmetologist, Loctician and Textured Hair Educator. She was born and raised in the Washington DC area and is a graduate of the Aveda Institute Cosmetology Science program. With over 14 years in the Hair Care Industry, from Salon Assistant to Natural Hair Blogger to Professional; Jocelyn is passionate about cultivating healthy hair.

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Thank you for the updated loc brushing video. When will you do a video on foam?

Really love to learn how to take care my locs

I Enjoy watching your video about Brushing locks I have sister locks end it been one year this month and I have enjoy them very much. But sometimes they still come a loose at the end, when they should be lock all the way.in some of them is still Breaking off. I save them in my beautician put them back in my hair. What is I’m doing wrong

They’re probably too small in those areas for your hair to support them or your waiting too long between appointments. It is hard for me to say exactly without a consultation, you can schedule one virtually or join me in the Loc Goals Club for our live video Q&A sessions.

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