The Biggest Lessons Learned With Locs

What is the Biggest Lesson You Learned With Locs?

I teamed up with a few of the best Loc Vloggers on YouTube to give you advice on the biggest lessons you’ll learn with locs. You can see what they have to say in my latest YouTube video “The 7 Biggest Lessons You Learn With Locs“. I loved their responses because they were so inspirational!

7 Biggest Lessons Learned With Locs

TokenDreadGirl -

[bctt tweet=”Embrace your #locs at every stage! – @TokenDreadGirl #LocdLessons “]


LocdBeauty Lessons -

[bctt tweet=”You don’t have to retwist your #locs all the time. -@locdbeautylife #locdlessons”]

KnotLocks says Patience is the biggest lesson you learn from locs -

[bctt tweet=”The more patient you are, the better the #locs! – @MobbMedia #locdlessons”]


Brittania718 says No two sets of locs are the same is the biggest lesson you learn from locs -

[bctt tweet=”No two sets of #locs are the same! – @Brittania718 #locdlessons”]


LuvnDaNaturalMe says not to compare your locs is the biggest lesson you learn from locs -[bctt tweet=”Don’t compare your #locs to others! -@LuvnDaNaturalMe #locdlessons”]


Keisha Charmaine says my life is my own is the biggest lesson you learn from locs -

[bctt tweet=”I’ve learned that my life is my own. – @KillaDoesThat #locdlessons”]

CurlynuGrowth says a healthy scalp creates healthy locs is the biggest lesson learned with locs -

[bctt tweet=”A healthy scalp creates healthy #locs! – @curlynugrowth #locdlessons”]


What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned with your locs?

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Thinking about getting loc extensions. Once growth can the extensions be cut to my natural locs?


I’m getting box braids with hair can these turn into locks

Absolutely not! The roots can start locking but the weight from the fake hair will make your natural hair thin and break off overtime.

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