Last Retightening of the Year!

Retightening Time: 4 hours
Sisterlocks Age: 14 months
Time Between Retightening: 6 weeks

Today I got my Sisterlocks Retightened after 6 weeks of growth. I went back to my regular Sisterlock Consultant, Patricia, and she did an amazing job! I had “lots of Slippage” because of swimming during my vacation and styling for holiday parties, but Patricia worked the nu growth!
Before retightening. Loose edges!
The slippage that I did have was mostly due to all the swimming I did while I was on vacation, but also the styles that I tried on my hair over the last few weeks…
Flexi Rod Set
Basket Weave Updo
She also noted that she saw a “noticeable difference” in my dandruff. It was gone! I told her about the Apple Cider Vinger (ACV) Rinse that I did a week ago and as you can tell I’ve had great results! Patricia also told me that the majority of my Sisterlocks are in the “teen” loc’ing phase now at 14 months.
6 weeks of nu growth!
Check out the Sisterlocks Vlog #30 [HERE] for the full update of my most recent retightening and other updates about my journey…

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You are a cuitie. Love your hair. it looks fabulous.

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