Fetty Wap Loc Extensions: The Strength of Hair

Close-Up of Fetty Wap Loc Extensions

Your hair holds energy that is powerful enough to change your life! I believe it and so does Trap King, Fetty Wap. I’m sure you’ve already seen that Fetty Wap “grew” locs overnight and how much drama it caused, but did you know his new locs also gave him a #1 single?!

Close-Up of Fetty Wap Loc Extensions

Fetty Wap Has Human Hair Loc Extensions

In a recent interview with Hot97, Fetty Wap shared the secret to his fame: his loc extensions. Unlike the Faux Loc Extensions that Meagan Good or Zendaya have been spotted wearing, Fetty Wap has real locs from a personal friend of his attached to his head. Yes you can do that; it’s called “Loc Reattachment.”

According to Fetty Wap, the birth mother of his locs “was a powerful person” that “spoke a lot of positivity” and that good energy was transferred to him after receiving her locs. Seriously, he admitted that “since I [attached her locs], the last 50 songs I recorded have been some of the hottest songs I ever did, just from the good energy I’ve been getting”. That’s powerful!

[bctt tweet=”Your hair holds energy that is powerful enough to change your life!” via=”no”]

However, many of his fans hated his locs extensions and were very vocal about it.

First picture Fetty Wap posted with his loc extensions and the disrespectful comments he received

The first day Fetty Wap shared pictures of his locs on Instagram, there were over 6,000 comments, most of which were very disrespectful. Despite the controversy, Fetty Wap continues to release hits and swing his locs with pride!

Listen closely to Fetty Wap’s interview on Hot97 to get the full story on his locs and how he is transforming his life!

Do you believe there is power and energy within your mane?

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