Embracing Your Hair: A Lesson From Snoop Dogg

Snoop Lion Starter Locs - CURLYNUGROWTH.com
Snoop Dogg is apart of a very exclusive group of men that can wear spiral curls, pigtails and a satin scarf yet still maintain his masculinity and street credibility. Over the past 20 years Snoop Dogg’s coiffure has always been silky, shiny and laid (for the gawds), but all that changed 3 years ago.

Snoop Dogg’s Silky Hair

In 1993, when Snoop Dogg first debuted “Who I Am (What’s My Name)” he was rocking cornrows, which were fairly common at the time. Shortly thereafter, he released the visuals for “Gin and Juice”, and he’s seen riding a bike with a big afro — not so typical.

Snoop Dogg Afro - CURLYNUGROWTH.com


During an era when most men wore low haircuts, Snoop Dogg always switched up his hairstyles and wore his hair how he wanted. He attended award shows with Shirley Temple Curls and movie premieres with a gone-with-the-wind Blow Out.

Snoop Dogg with Curls - CURLYNUGROWTH.com

Meanwhile, my mother was probably struggling, trying to get my textured hair into the clicky-clack ponytail holders he always wore so effortlessly.

Snoop Dogg with Pigtails Hairstyles - CURLYNUGROWTH.com

Snoop Dogg’s Jounrey to Locs

Fast forward to 2012, when Snoop Dogg went on a three-week trip to Jamaica and was reborn as Snoop Lion; an alleged Rastafarian and rockin’ starter locs under his Tam.  

Snoop Dogg Starter Locs with Twists - CURLYNUGROWTH.com

Eventually, Snoop Dogg decided to combine his two-strand twists to form thicker locs — Thicker is better! It appears he chose to braid the two-strand twists together, essentially turning 3 twists into 1 loc.


The resulting locs are very luscious and juicy, despite his hair texture being soft, fine and curly. Personally, I really admire Snoop Dogg(Lion)’s journey to locs because the transformation from twists to his thick mature locs is very encouraging.


Did You Know? — In 2013, shortly after starting his locs, Snoop Dogg started a hair care product line, Cordozar; which featured products for locs, press and curls, and flat ironing. The venture was short lived, but received pretty good reviews before dissolving. I’d like to imagine that Snoop Dogg realized, like I did, that you don’t need products to retwist your locs.

We can all take a lesson from Snoop Dogg and his journey to locs which is — “Embrace your hair and wear it how you chose to!


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