Dr. Locs Product Review

I have been using the Dr Locs products over the past several months and now that my bottles are nearly gone, it’s time for a review! I’ve had the opportunity to use the Dr Locs products on starter locs and on locs at various stages of locking, which is really important because the needs of locs change over time. In the Dr. Locs Product Review video, I share my experience using several of the products from the entire Dr. Locs line.

Dr Locs Product Review

The Dr Locs products that I used include the Yasin Shampoo, Yaya Oil, Imani Locking Spray, and Pre-Cleanse.

Dr Locs Yasin Shampoo Review

Dr Locs Yasin Shampoo Product Review

  • Ultra Moisturizing
  • Great Lather
  • Gentle On Hair


  • Requires a lot of rinsing
  • Contains Sulfates

Overall, I really enjoyed using the Yasin Shampoo on my locs because it left my hair feeling moisturized afterwards. Even though the Dr Locs Yasin Shampoo contains sulfates, there are a lot of oils in the formula to counteract any of the typical drying effects that are common with sulfate shampoo. However, what I did notice, maybe because I have thicker locs, was that I needed to use an additional clarifying shampoo or the Dr Locs Pre-cleanse prior to using the Yasin Shampoo to ensure my locs received a really deep cleansing.

Dr Locs Yaya Oil Review

Dr Locs Yaya Oil Product Review for Locs

The Dr Locs Yaya Oil is a really lightweight oil that works very well for normal hair/scalp types— like myself! I also used the Yaya Oil in Hubby’s regimen, whom is very active and has dry/flaky scalp, and noticed that it did not last throughout the day. This means we went through the bottle of Yaya Oil really quickly between my thick locs and his dry scalp during these last few colder months; but in the summer I’d imagine this oil being a definite keeper!


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Dr Locs Imani Locking Spray Review

Dr Locs Imani Locking Spray Product Review

The Dr Locs Imani Locking Spray is a great alternative to gels, waxes, or butters for retwisting your locs without causing build up. As a firm believer in the holistic locking philosophy and using minimal products on my locs, the Imani Locking Spray worked really well and gave me just about the same hold as the natural locking gel that I typically use.


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Dr Locs Pre-Cleanse Review

Dr Locs Precleanse Product Review


  • Instantly Pulled up Flakes
  • Feels Refreshing
  • Gentle On Scalp


  • Strong Apple Cider Vinegar / Lemon Smell

The Dr Locs Pre-Cleanse is one of the most effective solutions that I’ve seen for treating build up in locs and excessive dandruff on the scalp! Personally, I hardly get dandruff but when I intentionally extended the time between shampoos, my scalp started to flake and I tried the Pre-Cleanse. Upon application, my flakes were instantly removed! I also tried the Dr. Locs Pre-Cleanse on a guest at the salon that had excess buildup in her locs from heavy oil usage and lint/dust debris being attracted to her locs, and the Pre-Cleanse completely removed the build-up BEFORE shampooing her locs!



Interested in trying the Dr. Locs products on your locs?
Visit the Dr Locs website to shop and learn how the products are used.


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Jocelyn Reneé

Jocelyn Reneé is a Licensed Cosmetologist, Loctician and Textured Hair Educator. She was born and raised in the Washington DC area and is a graduate of the Aveda Institute Cosmetology Science program. With over 14 years in the Hair Care Industry, from Salon Assistant to Natural Hair Blogger to Professional; Jocelyn is passionate about cultivating healthy hair.

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[…] by Dr.Locs. This solution uses the power of apple cider vinegar to neutralize odors and balance the pH of your […]

I finally ordered dr. Locs after trying yet another shampoo that failed to truly clean my scalp or my locs. I’m very relieved the products worked out and they smell great and my scalp finally feels really clean for the first time in my loc journey lol. I wouldn’t have found out without snooping around your IG so thanks! 🙂

So glad that they worked for you!! It’s always great to support makers in our community! 🙂

Would you do an updated review of Dr Locs products? She has changed the shampoo formula.

I’ve been using the drlocs leave in conditioner and oil since I started my loc journey 4 months ago and I couldn’t consider using anything else on my hair. I absolutely love the product.

I’ve used Dr Locs before and loved it I’ve just recently ordered the complete line this time, I can’t wait to see how the locking spray is going to hold on my locs. There’s been no gels that’s held the length of my loc yet they always unravel along the neck of my locs, I’m told it’s the texture of my hair. Any suggestions I’m open.

The owner of Dr. Locs is a personal friend so I am happy to hear your support! I would also recommend checking out this article “How Long Should Your Retwist REALLY Last?” to tips regarding retwist longevity and/or investing in the “How to Retwist Locs At Home” workshop to ensure you are using the proper technique.

She just released a clarifying shampoo

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