My Combined Locs Update

Combined Locs Update - CURLYNUGROWTH.COM

When I started my traditional loc journey I always knew that I wanted thick locs, but with the way I maintained them you would have never guessed that. I was retwisting my locs every two weeks religiously (a big mistake) and, as a result, my locs were really skinny. By the 16th month, I had enough and decided to change. Not only did I decide to semi-freeform, I combined several locs as well with the hope of them becoming thicker. Fast forward to today and here is an update on their progress —good, not so good, and what I wish I had done differently.


The Good About My Combined Locs

Combined Locs Update - CURLYNUGROWTH.COM

Seamlessly Combined Locs

I am happy to say that my locs have meshed together very nicely and you can barely notice that they were combined. Combining my locs actually saved several of them after I gave birth to my son. Yes, postpartum hair loss does affect women with locs; in fact, I lost all of my edges before it was all said and done. Thankfully, I decided to combine my locs before it was too late or before I found a loc on my pillow because I would have been miserable.

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The Not So Good About My Combined Locs

With all the great things that came along with combining my locs — thicker roots, less maintenance time, and postpartum support — there had to be not so good news for balance, right? Yeah, I’ll tell you one thing, the first loc that I combined did not turn out as I hoped and I tried to pull it apart a few weeks later — EPIC FAIL. Tugging on the loc only made it spread and now I have one loc that is flat instead of cylinder in shape.

Combined Locs Update - CURLYNUGROWTH.COM

Combined Flat Loc

NOTE TO SELF: You cannot pull apart a loc.

Another, quirk about my locs is that the two-strand twist pattern from the combining session still has not disappered in a few locs— even after 20 months. You probably would never be able to tell, but I can tell and to be honest is does bother me at times. Similarly, the area where the combined loc stops in most of my locs is still merging together so I have a few “double-headed dragons” which are an annoyance as well. The fact that I haven’t cut them off is more so laziness versus necessity.

Combined Locs Update - CURLYNUGROWTH.COM

Combined Locs aka “Doubled Headed Dragon”

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Would I Do It Again?

Absolutely! I would probably have combined them earlier if I could, but there are a few other things that I would have done differently with combining my locs. First, I would have re-parted my hair in some areas to make the combination look more natural. I still might, but we’ll see. Next, I would have done more research on the various ways to combine locs because I was not entirely sure what I was doing at the time. But now that I have attend formal training in loc repair and combining locs, I will be sharing the techniques in my Digital Loctician Academy so that you can avoid the same mistakes that I made.

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Have you combined any of your locs? Which method did you use?

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Jocelyn Reneé

Jocelyn Reneé is a Licensed Cosmetologist, Loctician and Textured Hair Educator. She was born and raised in the Washington DC area and is a graduate of the Aveda Institute Cosmetology Science program. With over 14 years in the Hair Care Industry, from Salon Assistant to Natural Hair Blogger to Professional; Jocelyn is passionate about cultivating healthy hair.

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At what point in loc maturation is it too late to combine?

It is never “too late” but the results will be different depending on which stage you combine them at.

So I’m going into my 6th year of having lots, they’ve grown tremendously but at the same time I’ve lost a few, I believe due to much retwisting and part of getting older, mY hair seems to be thinning. I lost some locs in the front and as a result if this I’ve just been flat twisting the front of my hair and combining the flat twist with my locs, they actually look nice, but I’m not sure if I should be doing this, and is there something else I could do ?

I am semi-free forming (mostly free-forming) and combined quite a few of my locs about 1 year ago; however, many of my locs have become flat. This is my 2nd set of locs (almost 2 years) — the 1st set I had for 11 years and all were cylindrical, they were also smaller and more manicured. Although I like the wilder and fuller look of my less maintained locs, I would prefer that they were all or mostly cylindrical.

I was thinking of palm-rolling for a little while as an experiment to see if they would round-out. What do you suggest?


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