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Natural Hair Artwork

Where to Find Natural Hair Artwork

Finding natural hair artwork can be challenging, especially when searching for artwork with locs, but I’ve found a great art dealer!

Is it Safe to Wear Locs In The Workplace?

Discrimination of Locs in the Workplace Is Just The Beginning

This isn’t a new topic for America, only a new area of focus. Remember in 2015, when men and women in the armed forces, specifically the Marine Corps, were granted “authorization” to have locs if they keep them “neat and presentable”?! Well now, in 2016, our “right” to be able to wear locs in the workplace is revoked.

The Problem With Covering Your Locs With A Wig

The Problem With Covering Your Locs With a Wig

Many people will argue that wearing a wig is a styling option for women that like to “change their hair often”; yet never acknowledge the psychological implications of covering your own natural hair with a wig.


Things I Wish I Knew In The Beginning of My Loc Journey

Whether you’ve had locs for years or you’re just beginning your journey, learning from the experiences of others will help you avoid common struggles. I reached out to several Vloggers with gorgeous locs to find out the #1 lesson that they learned but wish they knew in the beginning of their loc journey.

Myths About Locs: From a Professional Perspective -

Myths About Locs: From a Professional Perspective

An interview with 3 professional Locticians about the common misconceptions they experience when it comes to locs.