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The Controversy of Locs on The Runway

A look at the controversies surrounding locs on the runway at New York Fashion Week over the years and the discussion on whether locs should become more mainstream in the fashion industry.

Professional Hairstyles for Locs

Professional Hairstyles for Women With Locs

Has the misconception that locs are not versatile led you on a search to prove otherwise? If so, you are definitely in the right place because locs are amazingly versatile! Locs give you the freedom to create styles, whether simple or intricate, without the worry of detangling or the use of excessive amounts of hair pins. And despite the recent media coverage surrounding discrimination against locs in the workplace, trust me when I say LOCS...

5 Ways To Have Fun With Locs

A few of the ways that you can have fun with your locs without adding color involve loc jewelry, hair sprinkles, hair color spray, yarn wrapping, and pony beads. Interested?!

Natural Hair Artwork

Where to Find Natural Hair Artwork

Finding natural hair artwork can be challenging, especially when searching for artwork with locs, but I’ve found a great art dealer!

Is it Safe to Wear Locs In The Workplace?

Discrimination of Locs in the Workplace Is Just The Beginning

This isn’t a new topic for America, only a new area of focus. Remember in 2015, when men and women in the armed forces, specifically the Marine Corps, were granted “authorization” to have locs if they keep them “neat and presentable”?! Well now, in 2016, our “right” to be able to wear locs in the workplace is revoked.