Hair Care

Hair Care Products, Reviews, and Solutions for Breakage, Thinning, Hair Color Damage, Scalp Issues and General Loc Maintenance.

Sisterlocking thinning in the crown

What Causes Thinning Sisterlocks

Sharing insights from behind the chair about Sisterlocks thinning and what causes thinning Sisterlocks.

Using Steam on Locs for Conditioning

Using steam as a natural conditioner for locs is often overlooked but it has so many benefits.

Why is there shrinkage with starter locs?

In this video I’ll share with you why shrinkage is happening and discuss how to stop shrinkage in locs.

When to Switch Moisturizers

A few tips for you to consider when switching to a different moisturizer for your locs, so that your locs can thrive and not suffer from the switch.


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