i regret coloring my locs

Full Transparency Moment About My Locs Right Now

I’ve been holding this secret in for months now and it’s been suffocating. However, I am ready to share because its a journey and it will not always be great. That’s real.

we are in headwrap season

We Are Now in Headwrap Season

Sharing a few of my favorite headwrap styles for locs and black-owned shops to purchase beautiful headwraps.

Microlocs Are Unsafe for Black Women

Getting Microlocs Today… Is It Safe?

A decade ago installing microlocs was almost unheard of, but now that they are mainstream are black women better or worse off getting microlocs?

How Stress Can Affect Your Locs

Discover the surprising impact of stress on your locs. Read this article to learn how stress can alter their growth, health, and overall appearance.

3 Reasons to Ignore Loc Count

Are you constantly looking at the size and loc count of what other people have and feeling inadequate about your locs? This video explains why it’s time to stop that comparison game and start focusing on your own progress.