2 Year Loc Update

Two Year Loc Update

My locs officially became two years old on 12/12/14. I am still semi-freeforming, keeping my regimen simple and loving it! Since i started semi-freeforming my locs have grown thicker and my roots are more full. I’ve only retwisted my locs about 3 times since May of 2014 and I can vividly recall everyone’s face when I said “I’m Free-Forming!” As time has passed, my family and friends have grown to like (at least I think so) my fuller locs and when I do retwist they think I have a whole new hairstyle.

Kevin Hart Meme - Mom's FAce When She Saw My Freeform Locs

Combined Locs

With 44 locs, down from 50 locs that I originally started with, I can truly say combing my locs made a huge difference in their appearance. I am also really glad I combined my locs before I gave birth because otherwise I think I would have lost a loc on my hairline from postpartum shedding.  Overall the locs that I have combined have fused together and the lines from two strand twisting them together have begun to fade. There is only 1 pair of locs that I wish I hadn’t combined, but I had no luck separating them and I don’t want to comb them out and start over so they shall remain conjoined.

CurlyNuGrowth Combined Locs on Right Side

Simple Regimen

My regimen for my locs has pretty much been consistent throughout the past year. I do not use any conditioner on my locs or a product to retwist my locs. Even though my hair is the type that is really hard to lock but alas it has locked once I accepted that it will do so at it’s own time. Contrary to popular belief your hair will lock without a product because that’s what our hair naturally does if not detangled. So no conditioner, or locking products and only retwisting every few months and my hair is thriving, go figure.

Learn more about my journey with locs thus far in my latest video “2 Year Loc Update: Semi-Freeform Vlog #2“.

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